The team of medical specialists carry out a series of tests to assess your physical condition, in order to establish the level of physical fitness that you have at the moment and to guide you to improve your level of agreement with your objectives. The data obtained from the sports medical evaluation allow to detect subclinical alterations in health, which constitute risk factors, which may be modifiable. Therefore, its identification and treatment are of utmost importance in the prevention of chronic-degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and cardiac pads. In addition, this evaluation is a useful tool in the medical control of training, both for people who want to start a physical activity program and for those who practice it regularly, either recreationally or with a view to competition and high performance sports.
To carry out the follow-up on the person evaluated, we carry out the following actions::


A) Clinical history and sports history: Medical, Nutritional and Psychological
B) Morphological examination: Physical examination, Postural examination, Anthropometry
C) Nutritional study: Weight control, Evaluation of hydration status, Nutritional status assessment, Dietary requirements
D) Esychological study: Evaluation of the psychological state, Detection of skills and resources, Behavior disorders


A) Assistance: Direct intervention with athletes from the medical, nutritional and psychological point of view, either during training or in competitions to achieve optimal sports performance
B) Treatment: Once a condition has been detected, be it medical, nutritional or psychological, provide prompt treatment. Since this shortens the recovery time
C) Rehabilitation: We have the most modern technology: Electrotherapy, Ultrasonotherapy, Thermotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Magnotherapy, Massage therapy..
And medical and paramedical personnel specialized to achieve a prompt and adequate recovery.


A) Provide medical advice to athletes, coaches and the general public that performs physical activity.
B) Dialogues at the individual level or to groups of trainers, athletes and family parents.
C) Diagnosis of health status, physical condition, risk factors, physical and metabolic alterations.
D) Delivery and practical explanation of the results.

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